Why would you choose Hall & Hedderman?

People choose us because they know straight away that everything we do is in their best interests. Because we have such a depth of knowledge in our field, we give our Clients options, making sure that the choices they make will deliver the results they want to achieve. Once we have worked for a Client, the vast majority come back to us whenever they need electrical work and they refer us to their colleagues, their friends and their families. When people give us referrals, they are investing a lot of their credibility in those recommendations and we take that very seriously.

Why do we do what we do?

Company Director, Geoff Hall, put it very simply in a recent interview:

“We want to work with good people. If we don’t enjoy working with a client, we’ll still do a great job, but we won’t choose to work with them again. When you give so much to your work, you have to be in it for more than just financial rewards. You have to love what you do and enjoy the company of the people you work with. The building trades create tight relationships – we can be on-site for months with each other and that means you want to work with people you like, people you trust. Our whole business is about building successful relationships. When we do a good job and the client says to us, we want you to do the next job and the next – that’s why we get up in the morning. There’s the satisfaction. There’s the reward.”

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